Serious Simulations Ground Breaking Zero Frame Latency Reformatter Available Now

The Reformatter enables makers of Head Mounted VR displays using 1080p screens and DVDO wireless links to receive and display images without any Frame Buffering, saving more than 17 milliseconds of latency. 

General specifications of the system are:

HDMI input / MIPI output
Power Requirement: +5 volts DC, regulated 
Electrical: Approximately 3.5 watts (700 milliamps at 5 volts)...includes power consumed by the display screen and the headphone audio output
Compatible with 4-lane MIPI input displays (LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED)
Reformatter converts 1080p 60Hz Lanscape format HDMI signal to Portrait format in real time
Zero Frame Latency (no delay of frames)
Pixel latency within a single video frame: 19 microseconds maximum
Reformatter's operation (pixel clock) phase-locked to incoming HDMI signal
Audio output (headphone level audio)
Burn-In Test: continuous operation at room temperature, 72 hours minimum

Zero Frame Latency Wireless Video Formatter

Today, many HMDs use cell-phone type displays, which are natively Portrait, but today’s most widely used wireless video products only support  Landscape format video signals.  When a Portrait display is turned on its side (physically rotated 90 degrees), the incoming Landscape mode video images must also be rotated … and simultaneously converted to the Portrait mode.

Without the Reformatter, image rotation required buffering one frame of video, which delayed the image to the screen by 16.7 milliseconds (at 60 frames per second video rate).  Serious Simulations’ Reformatter does that rotation 1000 times faster, rotating the image as it is received.  The Reformatter can fill the screen with all displayed pixels in the same “frame time” as the image is received, so we call it “Zero Frame Latency”.  The bottom line result:  wireless VR at amazing speed!