Zero Drift Machine Gun Tracker as implemented in the US Army’s Virtual Clearance Training System

Unique Electro Mechanical design for angle transduction using industrial grade Absolute Optical Encoders

Delivery of data to simulators via VRPN

Measures 1/100th of a degree in deflection and elevation

Attaches to MK93 Universal Gun Mount.  Custom fittings on other mounts available upon request

Sturdy construction, with fabrication of all parts in 6020 Industrial Aluminum

Gears made of 6020 Aluminum and Brass

Anodized exterior surfaces

Easy installation, little maintenance required


The Serious Simulations Zero Drift Machine Tracker provides simulated Machine Guns with unprecedented tracking accuracy and is impossible to drift. The Machine Gun Tracker has been installed as the US Army's Virtual Clearance Training System (VCTS) machine gun tracking solution.

Zero Drift Machine Gun Tracker