SERIOUS Technology

integrating advanced hardware and software, in a practical way

Serious Simulations produces complete freedom of movement training systems, with wide field of view, high resolution, wireless Virtual Reality displays.  Essential equipment such as weapons or firefighting equipment are wirelessly instrumented so as to interact and provide data to the simulation.  Since training often requires movement over large virtual distances, trainees have an ergonomic unobtrusive thumbstick controller to move their avatar longer distances.  This total approach ensures trainees are enabled to walk, crawl, kneel, lie down etc. using the natural human motion involved in their profession as well as go anywhere they need or desire in the virtual world simulation. 

For the most immersive experience, trainees operate freely in an Individual Training Cube that tracks the movements of the trainee's body and recreates his movements in 6 DOF as an fully articulated avatar in a networked simulation.  High quality audio adds to the experience.  Currently, both VBS3 and Unreal game engines are integrated for customer applications, but other game engines are also in the pipeline. 

For a smaller footprint simulator, trainees wear the same wide field of view head mounted or helmet mounted display as they would in the full immersion simulator, with an embedded 6 DOF head tracker, but interact with the other trainees in the simulation at a desktop or laptop station.  This enables easy expandability to the numbers of trainees in the simulation, while maintaining an immersive experience, but at a lower cost and space requirement.   

Individual Training Cubes can integrate tracking and operations of essential equipment such as weapons, fire retarding devices, or emergency equipment.  The use of physical equipment supports necessary hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and general equipment familiarity.  In the case of weapons, either real weapons or simulated weapons are usable, with exterior micro thin sensors applied to generate data capture, and pneumatic recoil used for realism.  A small wireless device and thumbstick controller are added to the Picatinny rail system without impacting any of the real weapon grips or functions of the weapon.  This approach, born from the military and combat experience of the management team, ensures the most realistic and correct handling of a weapon in a simulation today.   

Also an output of military experience, Serious Simulations' training systems are undoubtedly the most portable, easily shipped, and easily setup simulators in its class. 

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