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Serious Simulations’ Inverse Kinematics Solver for VBS3 is Now Available for Licensing

Above:  Human motion tracking data is mapped to a VBS3 avatar in real time – 3rd person view is visible in the monitor

Serious Simulations LLC was founded in June 2014 by Christopher Chambers, as a Veteran Owned Small Business.  The company was formed specifically to further the use of high quality, human motion based, virtual reality training for a variety of skills including Dismounted Infantry, Law Enforcement, Commercial and Industrial training, and location based entertainment. 


Industry Unique Inverse Kinematic Plug-in is Available for VBS 3 Users

The Serious Simulations Inverse Kinematics Solver was developed to fill a gap in the military simulator market.  Given the preponderance and long term adoption of Virtual Battlespace game software for professional grade training, Serious Simulations realized that there existed no code available on the market for the real time animation of VBS3 avatars.  Serious Simulations devoted great effort and time to create a plug-in that successfully animates avatars in VBS3 in real time. 

The plug-in uses human motion tracking data (currently optically tracked rigid bodies) to control the motions of the avatar within VBS3.  It accomplishes full avatar motion by blending the rigid body tracking data with VBS3 avatar animation data.  In one version of the plug-in, the tracked data controls the upper body of the avatar while using VBS3 standard or custom animation data to control the lower body and blend them seamlessly and in near real time.

The plug-in utilizes VBS Fusion calls within its plugin to call for controls of the avatar.


The plug-in is currently designed to utilize common software used in individual/small group simulation.  (Other classes and brands of tracking solutions are also in design for broader application of the plug-in to customer solutions.)

NaturalPoint Inc.’s “Motive” software

This is the rigid body tracking software.
Motive captures the rigid body information affixed to the trainee and sends that information to the SSIK.

Virtual Battle Space 3

This is the simulation engine.
The plug-in was designed specifically for VBS3 and is the only known true Inverse Kinematic solution for VBS3.
The plug-in was built in VBS 3.5 and has been updated and tested successfully in VBS 3.9.2

Rigid Bodies

The current standard design of the IK solver uses eight (8) rigid bodies for upper body VBS3 avatar control, which provide a solid tracking and animation solution for low latency, low camera count, simulators.  The plug-in can be adapted for larger systems and different types of cameras, as well as full body tracking, and more or less rigid bodies.


Above:  Human motion tracking data is mapped to a VBS3 avatar in real time – 1st person view is visible in the monitor


Business inquiries:

Serious Simulations has used and demonstrated its IK solver successfully since 2015, and has licensed its IK solver for a substantial military program for dismounted infantry simulation.  The company is actively seeking additional partners and licensees for the product, especially in light of the current US renewed interest in developing a dismounted infantry simulator. 

Serious Simulations Lands Major European Army Simulator Contract


New deal represents the Veteran Owned Small Business’s first contract for its dismounted soldier ready2trainTM  system


Orlando, Fla. (October 16, 2017) – Serious Simulations has contracted with an undisclosed prime contractor for a NATO-member Army to provide its unique, virtual reality dismounted soldier simulators to train Infantry personnel.

The company, in business only three years, has sold numerous simulator tracking systems, real-to-simulated weapon conversion kits, and wireless head mounted displays.  This new international contract is the first for all of these products, integrated as a full suite of individual and small group training technologies, and brand-named ready2trainTM.  The contract is expected to yield up to $10 million over the next three to five years, and will grow the small business with at least two additional full-time positions and multiple sub-contracting positions.

“We are very excited about winning this contract award as the official technology solution for an important fielding of professional-grade combat simulators,” says Army veteran Christopher Chambers, CEO and founder of Serious Simulations.  “This opportunity marks the first time we will deploy our ready2train integrated system into a NATO army and assist in the training of vital combat tasks in fully immersive virtual reality environments.”  


The ready2trainTM simulators in this contract are very unique.  The first delivery is comprised of completely wireless simulators, benefitting from the company’s extensive research and development in wireless virtual reality head mounted displays, and other wireless devices.  The wireless approach alleviates the high cost and need for backpack computers or other man-wearable processors.  This patented approach enables trainees to use complete freedom of movement and the option to use 100% of their combat gear, including real weapons, in the simulator. 


The total contract also includes other custom designed versions of ready2trainTM, including a wired model that has an overhead wire management system.   Other deliverables include custom data sensor kits for real and simulated weapons, custom wired to wireless conversion kits, custom wireless and wired head mounted displays, and integration of Serious Simulations’ unique Inverse Kinematic software, which enables human motion tracking in Virtual Battlespace 3.


This contract represents an early and major business milestone for the young and rapidly growing company.  


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For more information media should contact –

Christopher Chambers, Serious Simulations  407-538-1927,

Carol Ann Dykes, UCF Business Incubation Program, 407-207-7426,

Alan Byrd, Alan Byrd & Associates, 407-415-8470,




About Serious Simulations, LLC

Serious Simulations LLC, an Orlando based Veteran Owned simulation business, designs immersive training systems using custom made hardware and software components for specific skill training needs, combined with motion tracking systems, wireless communications devices, wireless display technologies and commercial game engines. It produces wireless video technology and wireless head/helmet mounted displays (HMDs) with very high resolutions and wide fields of view.  The industry-leading wireless HMDs, and wireless VR add-ons, are available separately or as components of Serious Simulations' professional grade VR training systems for military, police, emergency responders, and professional grade entertainment experiences.  The company is a partner in the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) network. For more information, visit our web site at .  


Serious Simulations’ Wireless HMD is the Winner of 2017 Good Design Award

67 Years of GOOD DESIGN® - the oldest and the most prestigious Global Awards Program for Design Excellence and Design Innovation

For six decades since its inception, The Chicago Athenaeum continues the organisation of the program to create an awareness about contemporary design and to honor both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace. Good Design® was founded in Chicago in 1950 by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Eero Saarinen, and Charles and Ray Eames. Mort Goldsholl also created the iconic Good Design logo in 1950.


The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN® program is on quality design of the highest form, function, and aesthetics a standard beyond ordinary consumer products and graphics. The Chicago Athenaeum's GOOD DESIGN® program forwards the ideals of a design process that embodies product excellence and endurance and strong public identity.




The Peripheral Vision Immersive Display (PVID Pro) is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset which is breaking new ground in design and performance, and arguably provides the most realistic VR experience to date. 

The PVID Pro is a professional grade electronic display headset, and is designed primarily for military, industrial or other professional VR-based serious training, as well as world class VR entertainment experiences in theme parks and other venues. 

The technology comprising the PVID Pro is unique, and is the world's first and only wireless, extremely wide field of view, high resolution head mounted display in a rugged yet attractive package. Dual 1920x1080 displays with high grade optical lenses enable a 130 degree field of view, allowing true human peripheral vision in the virtual world, and stereoscopic overlap of lenses for true 3D virtual graphics. 

Most importantly, the headset is completely wireless, thanks to Serious Simulations’ proprietary technology, which reduces latency to mere microseconds, for a very realistic experience including full and unencumbered human movement. 

The headgear tightens quickly and snugly with just one adjustment knob, fitting virtually any person’s head. The headset has built-in LED light strips which serve a variety of functions in training or entertainment, including visual signals to inform the operators/instructors of the users’ place in the scenario so that they may assist or interact with the user. 

The full headset flips up easily to allow the user to have eye to eye conversations in the real world, or just take a breaks. Another innovation is a very open bottom to the unit. This lack of a full enclosure allows individuals to subconsciously reference the actual ground which helps immensely in warding off disorientation or “simulator sickness”. It also enables users’ to see their actual hands and feet when needed. 

The PVID Pro exhibits a space age look, while maintaining low weight by utilization of carbon fiber, which is unique in the industry to date. 

The PVID Pro VR Headset is truly an unprecedented innovation in Virtual Reality. It was designed by Peter Solomon Design and Serious Simulations.


Our product’s design award link is:

Serious Simulations is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business

Contact:  Christopher Chambers, CEO

3259 Progress Drive, Suites 171-173

Research Park, Orlando, 32826