Serious Simulations’ Inverse Kinematics Solver for VBS3 is Now Available for Licensing

Above:  Human motion tracking data is mapped to a VBS3 avatar in real time – 3rd person view is visible in the monitor

Serious Simulations LLC was founded in June 2014 by Christopher Chambers, as a Veteran Owned Small Business.  The company was formed specifically to further the use of high quality, human motion based, virtual reality training for a variety of skills including Dismounted Infantry, Law Enforcement, Commercial and Industrial training, and location based entertainment. 


Industry Unique Inverse Kinematic Plug-in is Available for VBS 3 Users

The Serious Simulations Inverse Kinematics Solver was developed to fill a gap in the military simulator market.  Given the preponderance and long term adoption of Virtual Battlespace game software for professional grade training, Serious Simulations realized that there existed no code available on the market for the real time animation of VBS3 avatars.  Serious Simulations devoted great effort and time to create a plug-in that successfully animates avatars in VBS3 in real time. 

The plug-in uses human motion tracking data (currently optically tracked rigid bodies) to control the motions of the avatar within VBS3.  It accomplishes full avatar motion by blending the rigid body tracking data with VBS3 avatar animation data.  In one version of the plug-in, the tracked data controls the upper body of the avatar while using VBS3 standard or custom animation data to control the lower body and blend them seamlessly and in near real time.

The plug-in utilizes VBS Fusion calls within its plugin to call for controls of the avatar.


The plug-in is currently designed to utilize common software used in individual/small group simulation.  (Other classes and brands of tracking solutions are also in design for broader application of the plug-in to customer solutions.)

NaturalPoint Inc.’s “Motive” software

  1. This is the rigid body tracking software.
  2. Motive captures the rigid body information affixed to the trainee and sends that information to the SSIK.

Virtual Battle Space 3

  1. This is the simulation engine.
  2. The plug-in was designed specifically for VBS3 and is the only known true Inverse Kinematic solution for VBS3.
  3. The plug-in was built in VBS 3.5 and has been updated and tested successfully in VBS 3.9.2

Rigid Bodies

The current standard design of the IK solver uses eight (8) rigid bodies for upper body VBS3 avatar control, which provide a solid tracking and animation solution for low latency, low camera count, simulators.  The plug-in can be adapted for larger systems and different types of cameras, as well as full body tracking, and more or less rigid bodies.


                                                                      Above:  Human motion tracking data is mapped to a VBS3 avatar in real time – 1st person view is visible in the monitor


Business inquiries:

Serious Simulations has used and demonstrated its IK solver successfully since 2015, and has licensed its IK solver for a substantial military program for dismounted infantry simulation.  The company is actively seeking additional partners and licensees for the product, especially in light of the current US renewed interest in developing a dismounted infantry simulator. 


Contact:  Christopher Chambers, CEO

3259 Progress Drive, Suites 171-173

Research Park, Orlando, 32826


Serious Simulations is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business