SERIOUS SIMULATIONS featured on spectrum news 13 on the armed guardian program for schools in florida

Serious Simulations was featured on Spectrum News 13 on their solution suite for arming teachers and guardians for Florida's schools. Teachers are the first line of defense in active shooter scenarios in schools and Serious Simulations has a technological solution to make arming teachers with safety at the forefront of their thinking. Click the image to the left to view the news segment.

commercial Uses

  • Firefighting training
  • Law enforcement training
  • HazMat training
  • Infectious Disease Containment training

 when lives depend oN effective training…get SERIOUS!

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  • Oil & Gas platform safety and emergency procedures training
  • Power generation industry emergency operation training

armed forces

SERIOUS SIMULATIONS Honored BY Orlando Business Journal

Serious Simulations was listed as one of the Top Ten Honorees for Innovation in Technology by the Orlando Business Journal! 

Serious simulations invited to display untethered interactive vr with bisim at i/itsec

Serious Simulations, in partnership with Bohemia Interactive Simulations, demonstrated their untethered  real time human motion dismounted training simulator at I/ITSEC 2018.

Saving Lives through simulation

By providing the world's best virtual reality simulation training products, our company focuses on training individuals and groups of lethal force professionals, emergency services personnel, and commercial/industrial professionals in high-danger and high-complexity tasks.   Our training systems maximize natural human motion as the man-to-simulation interface and introduce little to no instrumentation burden on the trainee.   The outcome is effective, positive training that saves lives.

emergency services


Serious Simulations has been featured on Sci Tech Cental on PBS  and WUCF TV. Click on the link to watch the “Training and Teaching with New Technology “ segment.

BiSim and serious simulations demonstrate new tech supporting real-time animation for vr/ar training in vbs3

Serious Simulations and Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BiSim), were joined and showing software that enables motion capture and other tracking technologies to utilize natural human motion to animate the avatars in a VBS experience at I/ITSEC 2018.

  • Mounted & Dismounted soldier training
  • Special Operations soldier training
  • Small unit leader training
SERIOUS SIMULATIONS featured on Fox 35 news segment "new gun technology could distinguish between good guys, bad guys"

Serious Simulations was featured on WOFL Fox 35 News. Click on the image to the left to view the article and video segment!


Serious Simulations has delivered another industry first -  a unique wireless virtual reality helmet mounted display (VR HMD) for professional football training.